David Junior Gilbert Organizer

David Junior Gilbert

Becoming ALL that I can so that ALL that come across my path can become ALL that they can remains my greatest motivation. It is an utmost and rare privilege to be the organiser of the TedxUniversityofSalford event. My greatest hope is that by virtue of this event and future events, attendees will find additional purpose, passion and inspiration to carry on their life journeys. 

Favourite TED talk: How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPuget Sound


Nisha Kassam

I have been a huge fan of Technology, Entertainment and Design Talks (TED Talks) and also TEDx talks. TEDx talks focus on local voices whereas TED talks have more of a global approach. I remember how some of the lecturers on my Public Health course incorporated TED talks into their lectures and thought it would be really great to bring this platform to our university.  

Our TEDx idea was a pipe dream that we thought of during one of our classes and now we can’t actually believe that we are bringing this to life. I am extremely grateful and proud to be part of this team and hope that our event showcases new ideas, sparks conversations and inspires people. 

Favourite TED talk: 3 questions to ask yourself about everything you do | Stacey Abrams | TED Women

Brett Smith
Lead Operations

In the humble pursuit of knowledge, my journey of life long learning and development has brought me together with a group of like minded and curious souls, and presented me with the opportunity and privilege to curate for the first TEDX Salford University event. My dream is to simply make a difference and inspire positive change, and support others with achieving theirs. I hope the knowledge and ideas shared by the truly amazing speakers in our 2021 lineup, fill you with joy, curiosity, knowledge and inspiration. 

Favorite TED talk: Is Leadership Just Kindness? | Sarah Armstrong | TEDxCincinnatiWomen

Erika Viana

Everybody needs inspiration and TED talks have given me another perspective, they have initiated a sparkle to think different and act out of the box. In a world of constant change, I wish TEDxUniversityofSalford can be a source of innovative ideas and we can share learning experiences with others.


Favourite TED Talk: My stroke of insight | Jill Bolte Taylor | TED2008

Francis Chidi Akubude
Lead Engagement

I was never really a fan of TED talks, that was until I started my postgraduate studies. While studying, I realized that most lectures, conferences, and seminars incorporated talks and presentations from TED/TEDx. TED talks made me realize that I could be self-made, and I focused more time on listening and reviewing presentations, given by bright minds and great thinkers whom I took great inspiration from.

I am now presented with an opportunity to help to organize TedxUniversityofSalford, I cannot but be grateful to contribute to the development of such an amazing platform.

My favorite TEDx talk: Without health we are nothing |  Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor | TEDxOguiRoad

Oreoluwa Sulaiman
Lead Marketing/Communications

For me, I’ll describe TEDx talk as a platform, which has been made available for speakers with different areas of expertise to share their knowledge, and for willing listeners to broaden their horizon of knowledge on any topic you could possibly think of. Despite the diversity of our speakers, the beauty of TedxUniversityofSalford lies in how they would all relate their talk to a thought-provoking and engaging theme: New World Normal. Thereby, illustrating how intertwined various aspects of life can be. I am excited and honored to be part of the team to birth the first and hopefully not the last tedx talk to take place in our institution. I hope to utilize all my resources to ensure a successful event and that every one that joins have an amazing experience. 

Favourite TEDx talk: Trust your struggle | Zain Asher | TEDx Euston

Ibrahim Mamman
Engagement and Curation

It is a common perception that in order to see, you need your eyes, but it truly takes place in the mind. I’ve learned about the poetry and the wisdom and the grace that can be found in the words of people all around us when we simply take the time to listen. It goes without saying, then, that TED talks hold some of the most powerful inspiration you can find anywhere in the world. They can easily be mined for your next big breakthrough; inspiration to push through a challenge you’re facing, or they could serve as an idea that offers just the right shift in your perception to help you unlock more of your potential.

I am really proud to be a part of the TEDx University of Salford event and I am hoping we can make a difference in the entire globe with this event and going forward.

Favourite TEDx Talk: No culture is older than being human | Dike Chukwunmerjie | TEDxMaitama

Ekaette Okopido

Watching TEDx talks has always been a source of motivation and a learning source for me. Now having the opportunity to work with TedxUniversityofSalford marketing communications team has harnessed my marketing skills and creativity.

I am glad to be a member of this wonderful team and hope all participants learn new ideas and innovations.

Favourite TEDxtalk: Marketing without Advertising | Manu Kumar Jain | TEDxIIFTDelhi

Andrea Stein
Finance Director

I was first exposed to TED talks during my undergraduate studies in South Africa. The exposure to TED talks continued throughout both my master’s degrees and current PhD studies in the UK.  As an associate lecturer at the University of Salford, I employ Ted talks as an extra resource to teach my undergraduate students. 

I am extremely honoured to be a part of this organising team and to also, be associated with the first Tedx event at the University of Salford!

Favourite TED talk: The new era of positive psychology: Dr Martin Seligman 2004

Louise Mitchell
Digital Promotion Lead

TED and TEDx talks give the chance to embrace ideas, learn new perspectives and inspire people. Talks really create a way that everyone can benefit from knowledge in an informative and interesting way, and I am passionate about developing a world that promotes new ideas which is inclusive of all. 


I am thankful to be included in this team and look forward to helping showcase speakers ideas, kickstart new conversations about important issues and hopefully bring about productive change.

Favourite Ted talk: “What Matters to Me” – a new vital sign | Jason Leitch | TEDxGlasgow

Elijah Arodiogbu
Campaign Manager (Africa)

The cumulative impact of thousands of small positive contributions from passionate individuals will definitely make our world a much better place to live.

TEDx is a great platform where brilliant and inspiring ideas are shared to make our world a better place.

I am very much excited to be a part of the TEDx University of Salford event. It promises to be educative and inspiring; an opportunity not to be missed.

Favorite talk: Great leadership starts with self-leadership | Lars Sudmann

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